GWAR Bloody Pit Of Horror CD


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GWAR Bloody Pit Of Horror CD

After the very successful record “Lust In Space” the thrash-punk-horror aliens GWAR are back with their new “Bloody Pit Of Horror”!

And that plan could work this time at last!

GWAR have been brought to life in 1985 after the excessive abuse of hair-spray burned a hole into the ozone layer and melt the ice above the aliens’ crypt. In 1988 the – by their own account – only extraterrestrial band on this planet officially declared war to all humans with their musical weapon „Hell-O“. Since that day the dreadful horde around Oderus Urungus work on the total subjugation of the human race and the
destruction of the planet.

In this 25 year enduring war GWAR steadily gained ground and rolled out every time an even more brutal weapon. Scumdogs Of The Universe (1990), America Must Be Destroyed (1992), This Toilet Earth (1994), Ragnarök (1995), Carnival Of Chaos (1997), We Kill Everything (1999), Violence Has Arrived (2001), War Party (2004), Beyond Hell (2006) and Lust In Space (2009) – the list of atrocities against humanity seems to have no end. And there aren’t even mentioned the two compilations of the most cruel outrages or the recordings of the most brutal Live-battles.

The sanguinary enthusiasm with which GWAR pursue their atrocious goals didn’t leave the earthlings unimpressed. The barbarous commanders led successful crusades all around the globe and the subdued humans worship the aliens as gods. Shows at the Wacken Open Air and the Summer Breeze festival proof: also in Europe GWAR have a huge following of allegiant slaves which are addicted to the blood soaked live shows.

However, the band does not dominate the whole world yet. But despite of loads of live shows they were able to forge a new weapon. This weapon is called “Bloody Pit Of Horror” – a name saying all you need to know. This latest atrocity starts with a brutal 4-track title epic. But also the following tracks like “Tick-Tits”, “Hail, Genocide!” or “KZ Necromancer” have everything you know and want from GWAR – freely adapted from German wikipedia:
Scatology, sadomasochism, necrophilia, paedophilia, paraphilia, sodomy, fire-breathing, pagan rituals, satanism, executions, battles, torture, rape, racism, anti-christian attitude, suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism and other political and moral controversial topics.

Enough said. Mankind will be destroyed in a “Bloody Pit Of Horror”!

Officially Licensed GWAR Merchandise
Band - GWAR
Genres - Thrash Metal, Seen Live, Metal, Heavy Metal, Punk
Product Code - AFMCD314

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